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Authentic Sicilian Family Recipes Handed Down For Generations

We believe that good food is the spice of life, and we want you to taste the zest that we've baked into every pizza, and feel the love in every hand-made dinner. Our Sicilian family recipes come to you full of life, love, and happiness. Whether you dine in or take it home, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Anthony Savarino came to the United States from Sicily. He served in the Vietnam War and with a lot of love and hard work, he opened Rocky's Pizza in 1985. He taught his son, Tony, everything he knew about running the restaurant and today Tony recreates his father's delicious dishes down to the smallest detail for you.
Delicious always. Every time there food is amazing. I enjoy the sausage and pepperoni pizza. Try it. You'll agree.
- Zac B.